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What to Do on Valentine’s Day

Struggling for some ideas for making this Valentine’s Day the most special one yet for your lovely lover? Here are a couple of ideas to get your brain working; make sure you add a couple of personal touches to our suggestions to truly make it a memorable day! Surprise them with a flower delivery - Whether […]

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The Benefits of Art for the Body and Soul

When asked what art is, many of us reply that it is “a form of expression”. However, art can be much more than merely expressing who you are as an artist, dreamer, individual, member of society, etc. Art, like any other form of entertainment, can have positive effects on the mind and body. The follow […]

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Arts In a Child's Development

Importance of Arts In a Child’s Development

A child’s development is something that is very important during the process of growing. Art is simply perceived to be games as well as fun and in exploring arts and its activities, a parent should know that a child is learning many things. Therefore, in order for children to be acquainted with adequate skills in […]

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camera Digital Photography

Digital Photography

Digital Photography – Pictures in the making. If you want to take a picture, there is no better way than to use a digital camera. Unlike traditional film cameras, digital allows the user to edit, email, and reproduce photos more easily than was capable in the past. Taking pictures with a film camera puts the […]

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YPAA: Empowering the Youth Through Artwork

YPAA is an acronym that stands for Young People and the Arts Australia. This is an organization that is aimed at engaging the young people in arts. The organization was formed in the early 1970′s. It is composed of various art workers, educators and practitioners from all over the world. What is YPAA All About? […]

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Basics of Hand Embroidery

If you are looking for a new hobby or have always wanted to try embroidery then take a look a this video about the basics of hand embroidery and get started.

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The Many Must Sees of Queensland

A fun outing for the whole family need not only be a seaside holiday. Especially if it is in Queensland, Australia, it could well be one of the many museums open to visitors. With a history of over 150 years, The Queensland Museum and Sciencentre has a large range of exhibits, most of which are […]

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My First Lanyard

The first time I ever received a lanyard was when I went to summer camp as a kid. It was used to hold my ID badge, something I needed to get into all of the camp activity areas, not to mention the lunch room. We were allowed to decorate and modify both our lanyards and […]

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Customized decals for boats make a fantastic gift idea

Make Your Boat Dazzle Attention all boaters looking to make a name for yourself out there on the water. As you set sail taming the open waters on your beloved boat, make some waves with a stylish customized name badge for your boat. It is a time honored tradition among seafarers to grace their watercraft […]

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Buying fabrics online

Buying fabrics for varying needs can be quite overwhelming. But not anymore. This is because now you can easily buy fabrics online. This is through which is a highly popular fabric outlet in America. There are many reason for this.

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