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Photo Book- Tips For Creating Precious Memories

Do you know creating a photo book is the best way of preserving your precious memories? Photo books are excellent for commemorating the milestones of your life, especially during your early years. You can create and publish a beautiful photo book by using print-on-demand services which are provided by photo book publishing companies. You can […]

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What is interior design?

Interior design refers to a group of projects, which involves the transformation of an interior space, into one that is suitable for the human activities intended to take place there. Interior design has come about as a result of the development of the society in respect to the need for effective usage of space. It […]

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Kooemba Jdarra Indigenous Arts (review)

Brisbane’s Kooemba Jdarra Indigenous Performing Arts Company is a theatre troupe that was established to be a creative outlet for Australian aboriginal actors and artists. What makes this troupe special is that they perform a combination of modern stories and traditional aboriginal stories. Founded in 1993, the theatre company allows unique opportunities for actors of […]

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Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery Insurance

Why Do You Need Jewellery Insurance? Have you been thinking about getting jewellery insurance? Are you just not sure if you want to pay for this new policy? You really need to think about all of the different reason that there are to have this type of coverage. If you consider exactly what it can […]

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Semi-precious gem stones

Types of Semi-Precious Stones Used in Jewellery

Jewellery has been a part of the fabric of civilization for thousands of years. From a simple strand of woven grasses to the magnificent elegance of sapphires, diamonds, silver and gold, men and women have adorned themselves with jewellery to create a personal fashion identity. · Amethyst – a hard clear quartz gem of violet, […]

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bead Earrings

Types of Bead Earrings

The simple understated elegance of beaded earrings have escalated them to a very popular role in accessorizing. Women everywhere have embraced a variety of types of bead earrings due to their simple beauty and appropriateness for any occasion, from casual to formal. Their cost range similarly spans to fit any budget, so that women of […]

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Meaning and benefits of 6 Gemstones

Gemstones have been a traditional part of jewelry since the early ages. Many people believe that these precious stones have a meaning and significance behind each of them. There are thousands of different gemstones available today that are of different shapes sizes and colors. Two main types are the precious and semi-precious kind. Some of […]

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Succulent Garden

What to Do on Valentine’s Day

Struggling for some ideas for making this Valentine’s Day the most special one yet for your lovely lover? Here are a couple of ideas to get your brain working; make sure you add a couple of personal touches to our suggestions to truly make it a memorable day! Surprise them with a flower delivery - Whether […]

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The Benefits of Art for the Body and Soul

When asked what art is, many of us reply that it is “a form of expression”. However, art can be much more than merely expressing who you are as an artist, dreamer, individual, member of society, etc. Art, like any other form of entertainment, can have positive effects on the mind and body. The follow […]

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Arts In a Child's Development

Importance of Arts In a Child’s Development

A child’s development is something that is very important during the process of growing. Art is simply perceived to be games as well as fun and in exploring arts and its activities, a parent should know that a child is learning many things. Therefore, in order for children to be acquainted with adequate skills in […]

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